fede.is Federico Bombelli

About Me

Something more about me, my passions and my inspirations. Following a brief insight on my design method and my values.

I’m Federico Bombelli an European designer living nearby Milan, Italy. Currently I’m working as UX/Strategic designer and full-stack Wordpress developer at Reputation Manager.

What I really care for in a project, is to frame problems and opportunities effectively, by immersing myself into stakeholders’ scenarios and collaborating with my colleagues to shape meaningful ways of interaction, getting the most out of technology.

My background experiences cover digital products and services, personal and employer branding and live entertainment.

I love traveling the most beautiful nation in the world (Italy) with a couple of beloved old vehicles, a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle and a 1980 Suzuki GS550.
I enjoy immersing myself in well-told stories, including fiction books, movies, songs and plays.

I have a deep source of inspiration in four people: an impressive procrastinator, the greatest italian entrepreneur, a very smart musician and a meaningful comedian.

This website wouldn’t have this shape, essential and authentic, without the great inspiration of Manuel Moreale. Thanks Manu :)

Academical background

The honeybee approach

You may have noticed that my logo is a bee. Those little creatures are a vast source of inspiration for me: bees are methodical and precise, forward-looking, teamworkers and explorers. I brought these values into my daily work, combining them with the theory and practice of Design Thinking, as taught at Stanford d.school.

A bee learns step-by-step how to perform every task required in the beehive. Bees work is meticulous and well coordinated by the Queen. Trust is mutual. As designer, I push my knowledge over the limits of my expertise, since I believe the greatest results come from flawless integration of each teamplayer’s work.

Bees never stop searching for new sources of food: the older ones explore the environment in a range of dozen kilometers from the beehive.
I strongly believe that we’re never done in learning: an open mindset makes us able to learn a lot from our users (people), leading to great and mindful results.

Values I believe in

Quality: I set quality over quantity, because I value my clients’ time and I strive to reduce my footprint and noise level.

Authenticity: I push my views over words and appearance, to deeply understand and value what really makes a difference.

Coherence: I strive to see guides and patterns, looking for wider meanings, solid identities and less stressful decisions.

Empathy: I balance emotivity and rationality, to empower better relationships with people and provide better outcomes.