fede.is a designer focusing on framing problems and opportunities with design thinking.

I'm Federico Bombelli, I like to challenge complexity with empathy, to identify, define and frame problems and opportunities. My background experiences cover UX/Service Design and Web developing.

The honeybee approach

A bee learns steb-by-step how to perform every task required in the beehive. Bees' work is meticolous and well coordinated by the Queen. Trust is mutual.
As designer, I push my knowledge over the limits of my expertise, since I believe the greatest results come from flawless integration of each teamplayer's work.

Bees never stop searching for new sources of food: the older ones explore the environment in a range of dozen kilomters from the beehive.
I strongly believe that we're never done in learning: an open mindset makes us able to lean a lot from our users (people), leading to great and mindful outcomes.

Values I believe in

I set quality over quantity, because I value my clients' time and I strive to reduce my footprint and noise level.

I push my views over words and appearence, to deeply understand and value what really makes a difference.

I strive to see guides and patterns, looking for wider meanings, solid identities and less stressful decisions.

I balance emotivity and rationality, to empower better relationships with people and provide better outcomes.

I'm currently reorganizing my portfolio as part of my rebranding process.

Case studies and notes will be avaliable here in the next few days, first weeks of March 2020. Meanwhile you can browse my former website and collection of case studies at wilmo.it