fede.is Federico Bombelli

I’m an European service designer, who believes in design thinking to empower meaningful interactions.

I enjoy challenging complexity with empathy, to frame problems and highlight opportunities, towards effective and valuable solutions.

Dear visitor,

thank you for visiting my website. I welcome you in this public work in progress, where I’m redesigning my website focusing on few challenging projects and giving myself a proper space where to share my thoughts. And some images too. It’s still under development and it requires some performance optimization.

Reflecting on my priorities during COVID lockdown, I realized that the difference I make as (service) Designer is to turn “aseptic” connections into human and authentic conversations. What motivates me is to understand existing problems by empathize with people who experience them, reflecting on the meaning of things in each context.

I believe that what makes a difference is a new product or service are the depth of experience, the quality of the conversations we create, the added value we provide to things by shifting paradigms with design thinking. I love to work on established resources: to surprise people in their own comfort zone.

Thank you,

Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen"  —  Conan O’Brien

Selected projects and notes

Few thoughts of mine and a brief selection of projects I took part at, both covering the fields of Service Design, UX and Web Development.
My good friend Cecilia is helping me with some better images, so stay tuned.

The AIFA website
Whole: re-inventing the diet experience from your loyalty card
Rolls Royce Aquavisio